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Doris Moshi Monsters. Shelby, together with rocky, is part of. They are poorly trained and cannot tie their bandana.

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The moshlings in this set are snookums the baby tumdeedum, pooky the potty pipsqueak, doris the rummaging plotamus and gurgle the perfoming flappasaurus. Buy a moshi monsters gift pack now for only £19.99. Doris (uncommon) black moon orchid, any moon orchid, any moon orchid.

Doris And Burnie Are Dirty!

Shelby the slapstick tortoise is an uncommon moshling from the ninjas set. Moshi monsters monday, 26 september 2011. Doris = 3 moons(1 black) gurgle = red dragon + purple love + yellow magic pooky = moon + 2 beans(1 purple) snookums = 3 stars fishies:

Moshi Monsters Guide Our Complete Guide To Moshi Monsters, Tajkes You Right Through From Getting Starting, Adopting Your First Monster, Playing The Game And Levelling It.

Moshling zoo check out the question page where you can search or ask your own question. If your on moshi monster you will know about moshlings here are hints to get them. When you see the button 'done', click on it.

A Garden With A Purple Crazy Daisy And Two Rox Flowers:

Purplex · peppy · tiki brainies pinestein dinos snookums · pooky ·. We've added a little snippet below. Strangeglove, sweet tooth, bobbi singsong, mr and mrs snoodle, buster bumplechops, and.

They Are Poorly Trained And Cannot Tie Their Bandana.

These reptilian rascals have been roaming the. Pooky (uncommon) any moon orchid, any magic beans, purple magic beans. Posted by krissinda brockwell at 10:33 pm.

Something A Bit Like This:

Snookums (common) any coloured star blossom x3 Doris (uncommon) black moon orchid, any moon orchid, any moon orchid. Cheats on moshi monsters common moshlings 1.chop chop=any 3 dragons 2.gingersnap=any magic any love any pepper 3.squidge=any star any pepper any dragon 4.snookums=any 3 stars quack=any dragon any moon any star 6.stanley=any 2 loves and any dragon 7.purdy=any 2 dragons and any moon 8.humphrey=any daisy any magic any pepper

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